If you like a small house design, this 400 sq ft cottage known as San Juan might be able to attract your attention. It is a part of a luxury lake resort on Lake Whatcom. Name as Wildwood Lakefront Cottages, the resort is located in Bellingham which is a part of Washinton.

This amusing and eye catching and luxury style resort is designed by well known architect Mark Ouellete. The famous construction company, West Coast Homes grab the responsibility to built this. The concept of spacious living room with a galley kitchen and dining area enhance the luxurious style. Furthermore, a loft bedroom with additional loft space make this small houseĀ  suitable for those on vacation.

The cost to develop this impressive homes at Wildwood are between $159,900 and $299,000. Please take your time to view the design and style below to feel by yourself.

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