Waterborne epoxy paint

Looking for The Best Garage Floor Paints? Check Out This

When you are thinking of painting your garage floor, you want floor paints that are highly durable, efficient and meets your requirement. Although there are many brands in the market, not all of them are suitable for your garage. If you are living in a place where snow occurrences are common, you want a brand that is frost resistant. Enduring frost and maintaining its strength is an added advantage.

Selecting the best Epoxy coating

It is not an easy task to find the right garage floor epoxy since there are so many brands available in the market. However, no need to be frustrated as this review offers essential insights to help you make the right choice between two major brands.

Waterborne epoxy paint

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It is very popular because it can be used across many different garage floor without much difficult. You can apply it yourself, and it will leave a thin coating after of about 3mm. It has 50 percent of solid and becomes very easy to roll and does not take a long time to cure. If you are not sure of the application process, do not do a trial and error but rather seek clarity from the seller.

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They are the least expensive of all epoxy paint, and thus the quality is not as high. They contain some old formulations and if you desire a durable finish, then buy other quality brands.

You can order it on Amazon and in most places it can be purchased. Price ranges 50 $to 70 70 USD.

Epoxy garage floor paint.

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If you want to give your garage a showroom finish, then purchase epoxy paint. It will provide a tough finish that prevents deterioration and staining. It is very affordable, and a gallon goes for approximately 35 USD.

This paint has one of the best color choices, and you can find most colors of choice in this brand. It has an easy application, but it’s recommended to apply their counterpart bonding primer, Lockdown for the best results and durability as well. Lock Down can be purchased locally for about $20 per gallon or on Amazon stores if not accessible within your neighborhood.

Example of the best affordable epoxy paint such as Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield consist of 2 part epoxy concrete coating. It offer a long lasting results and  waterproofing sealer resists chemicals and hot tires. Suitable to be use for garages, basements or other interior concrete floor. You can find it on homedepot for only around $99.00 .

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If you want the color of your garage floor to remain astounding, then you may consider parking your car on the mat. This will as well increase the durability of the garage floor. In the garage paints options, the quality seems to commensurate with the price. If you want a durable paint, then go more expensive epoxy as it will give value for your money.

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