Best Pop Ceiling Design Ideas : Pop ceiling refers to a ceiling that has been made using gypsum plaster to create the illusion of wood, stone or metal surfaces or other theatrical sets. Pop is an abbreviation of plaster of Paris and can be used on walls and to make tiles or plaster boards. The use of this material has been on the rise in recent times as design becomes more aesthetic in nature. Pop ceiling designs can create an alternative world in a room and can be used for the purpose of illuminating a room or even to make a room appear larger. For example in the Harry Potter series of movies, the ceiling in the great hall of Hogwarts was simulated to look like the night sky.

There are several advantages of using pop instead of cement sand plasters or other finishing. The plaster requires no other separate finishing product or curing. It is also less likely to crack because it slightly expands when set and after it dries out it forms a surface that is sufficiently dense to resist knocks. The plaster has a low thermal conductivity therefore eliminating the need for air conditioning. It provides a leveled smooth surface and is more durable and environmentally friendly than other materials. The fact that they do not crack means that the pop ceiling designs you choose will last for longer periods than when you use other materials for your ceiling.

On the downside however, pop can’t be used for an exterior finish because it doesn’t hold up well under damp conditions. It also does not add structural strength like cement plaster as it serves a more visual purpose. This means that it is lighter than other materials and so it won’t pull down the structure especially when using pop ceiling designs for the entire house. It is more expensive than cement plaster but this can be offset by the fact that it takes less time to set and uses up less manpower.

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Pop ceiling designs can be used for any room in the house, offices or hotels and resorts to enhance their looks. They also act as amazing backdrops to light fixtures such as chandeliers and sunken lights. They can be used to create different moods and feels according to the room they are used for. It is possible to create an aquamarine, fairytale or cartoon setting especially when you’re considering the décor for a kid’s bedroom. The designs can be used for the creation of simple designs with minimal features or elaborate designs that transform a room into a movie scene.

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