Best Dark Hardwood Floors Ideas : Stylish, elegant and luxurious we haven’t even scratched the surface when we begin to describe how dark hardwood floors influence your living space. They have been used for centuries to give the medieval castle a pristine value and colonial America homely yet functional floors. Here are some best dark hardwood floor ideas.

If you want to go classic and remain exciting look for reclaimed hardwood for hardwood floor design ideas. They give your home an eco-friendly touch but ensuring that you have a piece of history with you. Some Shadadoah or Mohawk maple have been found to survive in homes for centuries but still retain their sturdy and yet attractive feature. Some of the hardwoods been categorized as extinct so imagine the rarity of such a find.

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You can try out a hardwood floor design idea with a bit art in it. You can try an Oak puzzle piece to give your floor just a stint of fun into it. The puzzle pieces come in 16 different assorted pieces and in a range of six different wood stain varieties. Try out a custom made Oak antique brown floor or Oak gunstock dark floor or just a spicy red Oak floor idea.

An exotic floor is a strange but fun hardwood floor design idea. The Amazonian forest has some of the best hardwood variety in the world and the most famous of all that is considered as the best dark hardwood floor idea is the Brazilian Cherry. The color pallet is wide and the staining techniques phenomenon. It gives your home a rich and very inviting mosaic appeal. The floor is very sturdy and don’t be threatened by its exotic nature its very budget friendly.

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Next time you think of redecorating think along the lines of hardwood floor design ideas, get a cappuccino or cocoa brown maple, allspice or mesa brown walnut, a Santos mahogany, dark forest or tobacco brown Birch and add class to your home.Best Dark Hardwood Floors Ideas pictures collection.

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