Balcony Garden Design Ideas

Decoration makes our homes to look nice to stay in. It is very important to enjoy living in and out of our homes. Do you know how to plan a balcony garden for our homes? It is very interesting. I’m going to give you very nice tips to find out your balcony garden design ideas. No matter where you live, rural or urban area, you have to get your own balcony garden. Let’s go.

1. Ask yourself what you want to grow

It is important to know exactly what you want to grow before starting your balcony garden. This will help you to consider other factors like the size of containers, where to place your balcony garden and many other things.

2. Use fertile soil mixed with compost manure

In order to reap the best out of your garden, you must use fertile soils. Look for the best quality of soil and increase their fertility by adding compost manure.

3. Use clustering pots in your garden

These pots make it easier to water your crops efficiently

4. Consider rules and regulation if you are leaving in a rental house in urban area

If you are living in a rental house, you must consider the rules and regulation of that place. Check with the apartment management on the weight consideration to avoid exceeding the minimum weight if you are going to make your balcony garden at the top of the building.

Balcony garden Ideas

The following are balcony garden ideas that you have to apply when designing your balcony garden.

  • Use different sizes and colors of clustering pots to increase visual interest.

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  • Camouflage the clustering pots with the surroundings to reduce cluster.
  • Arrange the plants according to their sizes, smaller in front.
  • Repeat the pattern above throughout the garden.
  • You can hang some containers (vertical gardening).

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  • Leave space for breathing and furniture.


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