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Cozy Polished Concrete Floor Decorating Ideas with Photos

There have been many flooring options for a dream house but the popularity of polished concrete floor has clearly increased in the recent few years. The idea of using concrete for a home floor sends a chill down your spine but on viewing a polished with leave you with utter amazement. This residential polished concrete floors has captured hearts of many tiles and carpet users owing to the many advantages it offers. Its durability is estimated to be ten times more than tiles, very easy to install and slip resistant hence commonly used besides wet surfaces like swimming pools. It’s also very easy to clean due to the presence of an impermeable sealer on the top. This is very convenient for a family home with kids known to be a nuisance in loitering and dirtying houses.

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Polished concrete flooring offers many ways of blending various types of igneous stones to come out with different patterns depending on aesthetics preferences. The DIY concrete polishing method uses grinder with diamond abrasive discs for the process of polishing hard concrete to give it a smooth beautiful appearance. The most preferred stones are quartz, granite and marble due to their hardness and different color combinations to give a home a natural warm aura. The polished concrete floors has led to the emergence of various water based sealants with the most common being acrylic. Acrylic sealer gives the floor a glossy wet look which is very stylish and beautiful.

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Polished floor concrete cost is very favorable and considered a major investment compared to carpet, tile and timber flooring due to its predicted life of around 100 years. The flooring is easy to install with a plain installment in a sq. foot costing between $2-$5.According to your aesthetics requirements you can opt for a few starring of the floor with grid pattern line running across it and this will cost $5-$9. Polish lovers can go for a highly detailed decorative finishes involving marbles sealed with acrylic sealant only costing $8-$15 depending on the detail level.

The only disadvantage is the coldness of the floor during winter season but this can be dealt by sporadic placing of floor mats at common used places during such a season

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