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The 20 Most Unique Architecture Design in The World

Do you ever dreamed to see a house where entrance is located at the top, while the roof is also located at the bottom? Huh, sounds like something ridiculous right?. But it is not impossible with great the art of architecture.

If some people are racing to build skyscrapers? Who is the highest in the world, while some of them are trying to create the architectural design who is most strange and unique in the world. And this was among 20 most unique architectural design in the world.

In this collection, we choose the top 20 most outstanding unique Architecture designs and share it to you . It’s incredible!

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1. The Curved House, Indianapolis

VIEW IN GALLERYThe curved house indianapolis indiana

2. The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health Las Vegas

3. The Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Vitra Design Museum Weil am Rhein

4. The Chiat, California

VIEW IN GALLERYBinocular building The Chiat, California

5. The Olympic Fish Pavilion, Barcelona

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Olympic Fish Pavilion, Barcelona

6. The Habitat Housing Complex, Kanada

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Habitat Housing Complex Kanada

7. The Louis Vuitton, Paris

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Louis Vuitton Paris

8. The Dancing House, Prague

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Dancing House Prague

9. The Concert Hall, Tenerife

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Concert Hall Tenerife

10. The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

11. The Crooked House, Sopot

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Crooked House Sopot

12. The Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Weisman Art Museum Minneapolis

13. WonderWorks, Tennessee

VIEW IN GALLERYWonderWorks in Tennessee

14. The MARTa Herford Museum Jerman

VIEW IN GALLERYThe MARTa Herford Museum Jerman

15. The Peter B. Lewis, Cleveland

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Peter B. Lewis in Cleveland

16. The Richard Fisher Center, New York

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Richard Fisher Center New York

17. The Biomuseo, Panama

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Biomuseo Panama architecture

18. UFOGEL: A Spaceship Lodge Lands on the Austrian Alps

VIEW IN GALLERYUFOGEL Spaceship Lodge Lands on the Austrian Alps

19. Louis Nucera Library

VIEW IN GALLERYThe Louis Nucera Nice

20. Villa Vals by studio SeARCH & Christian Muller Architect

VIEW IN GALLERYVilla Vals by studio SeARCH & Christian Muller Architect

Among the top 20 Most Unique Architecture Design above, which one do you plan to visit? Share your experience with us.


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